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Welcome to Quick Bits.  We have been making equine bits by hand for over 65 years in Southern California.
Our bits are used by the top PRCA rodeo performers, ABHA barrel racing competitors, equine trainers, cattle ranches and most all horsemen.  Our bits are all designed and handcrafted by us and will last you a lifetime of use.  You may see knock-off copies of our products, made in China, but they are not the same quality.  Look for the QUICK name stamped on the inside of the Cheek Piece.

Our products include bits and spurs.   We offer:

  • Snaffle bits
  • Ported bits
  • Hackamores
  • Spade Bits
  • Special Design Bits such as Jimmy Williams Elevator bit
  • Bits with crickets
  • No slip Spurs
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